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I believe that Unity and C# are the perfect tool for quick prototyping as well as for structurized implementation of ideas and features. I have been using both for over 2 years now and am excited to keep learning.


System Design

Designing games is not only about writing cool storylines - player experience is always first. Designing flawless systems ends in a clean game loop which entertains players for as long as possible.



...means communication that lasts longer than for just a meeting. With clean formatting, a readable structure and all the relevant information on-point and visually supported, no idea and no design decision will ever be forgotten again.


Quality Assurance

Having worked with issue trackers and professional bug-documentation and -fixing workflows, I always strive to resolve issues in the game straight away instead of just pointing at them.

About Me

I am Silvan Koch, a soon-to-be game development graduate from Berlin, Germany.

I found my way into game development starting at the age of 13 by creating little Minecraft mods, then going further with small RPG Maker and Unreal projects until I finally got into Unity and C#.
Since then, they are my weapon of choice when it comes to prototyping small ideas and implementing or iterating features for larger projects. Currently, I am in education as a state-approved game developer at the S4G School for Games GmbH.

My mission is to make the most of pieces and ideas used in game development. With the help of rapid Prototyping and quick iterations, I want to test and present ideas and code patterns properly. Modular structures and assets help at setting up various scenarios quickly.

Therefore, I have specialized in:

  • Prototyping: Given a certain requirement, I can quickly assess its complexity and interpret it as a system to implement. I then set up the demanded functionality under the premise of neglecting performance, code commenting etc., but in a very short time span.
    For Soliris , I could set up a technical prototype before we even got the hardware (the eyetrackers), with the SDK's already integrated and design guidelines already implemented for testing.

  • Pitching: While programmers "do the technical stuff" and "make the game work", it is important to me that the team in its entirety envisions awesome features and great ideas. Not only do I want to make these possible; I also support the designers and contribute ideas and solution approaches wherever I can.

  • Modularity: I surely can still improve my code polishing & structuring skills, but I do pay attention to object orientation and re-usability - even during Prototyping. Splitting classes & components up, working with polymorphism and using inheritance allows to use existing assets as a base for further testing and variations easily.



Rapid Prototyping (Experienced)

C# (Experienced)

Code refactoring & polishing

HTML / css (Moderate)

GdScript (Basics)

C++ (Basics)

Software / Services

Office suite / Google variants

TortoiseHg / Mercurial

Bitbucket Issue Tracker

Trello / Asana


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe AfterEffects

Visual Studio

Balsamiq Mockups

yEd Diagrams


3Ds Max

Sony Vegas Pro
Game Design

System Design and implementation

Balancing and pacing

Playtest conducting and reviewing

Visually focussed documentation