Bloodmoon Samurai

Bloodmoon Samurai is a 2D Metroidvania set in an Asian fantasy setting in which the player traverses a corrupted world and fights evil demons to prevent the eternal Bloodmoon.

Project initiation: 2. Semester at the S4G
Team size: 8 people
Project duration: ~6 months

Link to Bloodmoon Samurai's website

My tasks in this project

  • Production: organized milestones, meetings, sprints and reviews for a team of 8 members
  • Project Management: time & resource planning for a half-year project, milestone presentation, meeting documentation, created the PBS and project/feature backlog
  • Social Media & Website: set-up and updated facebook and twitter, programmed the website in html & css
  • Audio Engineering: researched fitting sound effects and implemented them myself in the game

Bloodmoon Samurai is being continued by me as a one-man project and is planned to be extended with 2 DLC's.


Downloadable Material

Download the High Concept for Bloodmoon Samurai
View my Backlog for Bloodmoon Samurai