Echoes of Etrya

Echoes of Etrya is a third-person 3D time puzzle game in which the player solves puzzles in an ancient temple by recording their actions for a copy of themselves to repeat those actions.

Project initiation: 3. Semester at the S4G
Team size: 8 people
Project duration: ~6 months

Link to Echoes of Etrya's website

My tasks in this project

  • Game Design: co-designed the puzzle features, concepted the game rules and design guidelines, pitched UI & UX
  • Narrative Design: responsible for the narrative setting and the gears of time, co-designed the finale of the game
  • Prototyping / Assistant Engineering: implemented features like the moving platforms into the game and made adaptions of features to design needs, technical iterations and feature changes, worked together with the engineer to take over parts of the workload
  • QA / Bugfixing: responsible for technical playtests and case-testing for bugs, documentation in the issue tracker, helped with recreation and documented solution approaches. Fixed several bugs of the game directly in-engine independently
  • Documentation: wrote the Game Design Document (38 pages) and iterated on it. formatted and structurized the document visually as easy readable as possible. Documented bugs as stated above.


Downloadable Material

Download my Game Design Document for Echoes of Etrya
Download the High Concept for Echoes of Etrya